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Roncal Valley
The Roncal Valley is a place with its own culture and identity within the region of Navarre. Its picturesque villages, excellent gastronomy, especially the cheese of the valley, and the possibility of finding activities at any time of the year, make it the perfect place to visit the Navarrese Pyrenees.

El Valle

Its towns are precious vestiges of the past where you can enjoy typical architecture and the best local gastronomy. Valle del Roncal is home to corners where we can enjoy many sports such as hiking or cycling and every year, different very famous sports events are held. It offers a world of climatic and landscape contrasts, with the Ezka River being the backbone of this harmonious set of villages, forests and high mountain pastures.

The vegetal landscape is dominated by the black pine, rhododendrons, blueberries, junipers... In the lower levels the beech-fir forest abounds. The most emblematic animals are the brown bear, the capercaillie, the chamois, the ptarmigan, the gray partridge, the white-backed bill, the black woodpecker, the Tengmal owl and the wallcreeper.


Irati Forest

The Irati Forest or Selva de Irati (Iratiko Oihana in Basque), is a forest spread between the north of Navarre (Spain) and the Atlantic Pyrenees.
The Irati Forest is known for being the second largest beech-fir forest in Europe (only surpassed by the Black Forest in Germany), with 17,179 ha.

In 2015, the discovery of a carnivorous plant, the Drosera Rotundifolia and the Eriophorum Angustifolium, a type of woolly rush, led to the inclusion of the Irati Forest in a European protection programme.


Valley Trail Network

The list of trails in the Roncal Valley is endless, we offer you all the information in a wonderful guide, with interactive maps and downloadable routes. It is important to plan any outing to the mountain, no matter how small the route may seem, which is why we leave you the information in the following link.

Roncal Valley Trail Guide

Get to know our Valley and enjoy a natural and different spectacle in each of the seasons, in spring with the explosion of flowers, in summer with the green protagonist, in winter the reflection and light of white and autumn fulfilling topics with thousand colors.


The Quesillo del Roncal

The Roncal Valley, cradle of the cheese to which it gives its name, is one of the few landscapes that can still offer the traveler the beauty of intact nature. In this Pyrenean valley of Navarra grazing has always existed.

Already in the Middle Ages, with the arrival of the first snows, a ritual began that is still maintained today: transhumance, at which time the sheep go down to the warm lands of the Bardenas Reales in search of pasture for the winter.

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